Landlord’s Life 4/27/18 – The Wakeup Call

6:30 AM: Sound asleep. Cell phone rings. Fumbling around trying to figure out what that sound is in my dream. Finally realize it’s the phone and look to see who’s calling and it’s tenant BL, forcefully I reject the call. Of course this also woke up the wife who drowsily asks “who the f— is calling at this hour?”

Of course I’m now awake and lay there wondering what catastrophe has taken place that would cause a tenant to call me so early. This tenant also lives next door to my elderly mother, did something happen to mom?

No need to dwell on it to long, 6:56AM she calls again. Since I’m now wide awake I immediately answer the phone with my professional landlord voice (while in a supine position under the covers), “Good morning B—-, what’s the problem?”.

“I’m worried there’s no filter in my furnace and I’m seeing dust particles floating around my house when it goes on.”

“I’ll get you a new filter today. And B—, don’t call me before 9AM unless it’s an emergency please. You woke both myself and my wife up at 6:30”.
“Oh, I was trying to delete your number from my phone and accidentally called you earlier, I wouldn’t normally call you so early”.
“It’s 6:56 now, that’s still too early. I’ll get you a filter later today”.

WTF are people thinking!?!?

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