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Thankfully the druggies in town aren’t the smartest…..
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TORRINGTON — Two city men have been charged after a failed attempt to sell crack cocaine to a plain clothes officer, police said.
Damon L. Spencer, 41, of 212 East Pearl St., second-floor apartment, and Derrick T. Burden, 38, of 162 Central Ave., first-floor apartment, were arrested on the evening of Nov. 18 and charged with tampering with evidence, interfering with an officer, conspiracy to commit sale of narcotic, possession of narcotic, possession of drug paraphernalia in a school zone and possession of narcotic in a school zone.
Two officers were dispatched as part of the Community Enhancement Unit to the north end, near Prospect Street and Prospect Place, “where information has been obtained of recent narcotic use and sales in the area,” according to a probable cause report.
An officer was walking past 619 Prospect St., wearing plain clothes, when a man left the home and began speaking with him. The man, later identified as Spencer, said he recognized the officer, who attempted to walk away. The man continued to speak to him, saying that the officer “had previously introduced him to a female named Missy at a party he had attended.”
“Due to my observations of Spencer, it was clear to me I had never met him in person and (do not) have any knowledge of his claims,” said the officer.
Spencer “then used verbiage that is consistent with language used to engage in his involvement (with) narcotic activity I asked him if he was partying, to which he replied ‘what you need,’” said the officer. “Due to my training and experience (I knew) Spencer was asking me what kind of drugs would I want to buy to which I responded ‘hard.’”
Hard is a slang term for crack cocaine, the officer said in the report.
Spencer said he would sell him a bag of crack cocaine for $40 and walked back to the home, according to the report.
“Spencer then suddenly turned and asked if I was a cop, to which I told him I was not,” said the officer in the report.
Spencer walked into the apartment and came out with another man, later identified as Burden. Due to a misunderstanding over whether the officer had already paid for the drugs, Burden handed the officer a bag of what appeared to be crack cocaine without money being exchanged.
The second officer then arrived on scene, according to the report.
The officer attempted to arrest Spencer, “prominently displaying (his) police issued badge” around his neck. Spencer struggled and resisted commands, and the officer dropped the bag of crack cocaine, according to the report.
Burden attempted to “hide and destroy the bag” by dragging his feet on it, while Spencer fled back into the apartment, police said. The second officer followed and found him inside, along with a crack pipe, which he was later determined to have discarded after entering the space, police said.
Both Burden and Spencer were held in lieu of $50,000 surety bail. They were scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Torrington Nov. 20.

TORRINGTON — A Litchfield man was recently arrested after Torrington officers found him in possession of heroin after asking about his recent trip to Waterbury, police said.
Richard Bohner, 45, of 21 Johnson Road, was arrested Nov. 12 and charged with possession of narcotics, police said.
Two officers were on patrol near Cumberland Farms on South Main Street after responding to numerous complaints related to drug activity in the area, according to the report. Bohner walked across South Main Street into the store parking lot, where one of the officers began to speak with him.
“As we spoke Bohner commented that he took a bus to Waterbury and hung out for a while, on the ‘blacktop,’ and then came back,” said the officer.
In the report, the officer notes that, in his experience, “(d)rug dealers and users take the bus to Waterbury to purchase narcotics,” where the same drugs are less expensive than in Torrington, and “(t)he area known as ‘the blacktop’ is a short walk from where the bus stop is and is notorious for narcotic sales.”
“I continued to speak to Bohner and after a period of time asked if he had any drugs, weapons or needles on him,” the officer said in the report. “Bohner immediately stopped talking and looked away. It is my training and experience both of these are signs of stress.”
Bohner was searching for the ‘right’ answer to the question, the officer said. Bohner put his head down, a sign of resignation, and then said “I do… I have heroin,” according to the report.
Bohner gave officers a pill bottle which contained two bags of heroin and pills, which he “said were two (different) prescribed medications but not prescribed to him.”
“He declined to go into additional detail of where he obtained the heroin or pills,” said the officer.
The pills were later identified as Lorazepam, police said. Lorazepam is an anti-anxiety medication which “works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation” and can be habit forming, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Bohner was released on a promise to appear and scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Torrington Nov. 21, police said.
Bohner was also arrested Nov. 15 and charged with possession of heroin, possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana and possession in a school zone, police said in a separate release.
He was released on a $1,500 non-surety bond and scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Torrington Nov. 27 in that case.

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