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An elderly man in Torrington is getting part of his security deposit back after he learned that he was being overcharged for his apartment.
Eyewitness News had an exclusive interview on how both the tenant and the landlord did not know about special rights for senior citizens when it comes to how much security deposit a landlord can charge.
The law in Connecticut is that people over age 62 are only required to pay one month’s security deposit as opposed to a typical first and last month’s rent.
Howard Beveridge, 77, is settling into his apartment on East Center Street in Torrington. Beveridge and his cat, Snoopy, just moved in in July and Howard said he was asked by the landlord to pay two months’ security deposit.
Beveridge, who is a retired widower, said he is living on a fixed income and that extra $800 was tough for him to come by. Beveridge told his son, who then let him know that two months’ deposit is against the law.
“I mentioned it to my son, he’s out in Pennsylvania. He’s out there,” Beveridge said. “He got on to the Connecticut website and it was right there plain as day.”
The problem is that he had already signed the lease. Eyewitness News reached out to the landlord and explained the law. He initially hung up on Channel 3. But, then he called Beveridge back and agreed to refund the second month’s deposit.
“He said OK,” Beveridge said. “I don’t think he knew. It shocked him I think now he’ll know.”
Apparently, a lot of people don’t know about this Connecticut law. Matthew Smith of the Connecticut Department of Banking said they get about 175 complaints a year on this matter. But, Smith added once people are educated, they work it out.
But, if you’re over 62 and your landlord won’t give your extra security deposit back. People can click here and print out a complaint form.
For Beveridge, he said he is glad his issue got resolved but hopes his story will help other seniors.
“To know the law to find out they have rights and they should find out what their rights are,” Beveridge said.
If you would like more information on security deposit rules on the Connecticut Department of Banking website, click here .

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